Teach them to ride and see where they go…..
Why We Ride

Lose The Training WheelsLose the Training Wheels is a non-profit organization that teaches children with disabilities to ride a two-wheel bike.


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Nicolas is a 13 year old boy who has Williams Syndrome (a rare syndrome that includes cognitive and motor delays and many other medical conditions) and our inspiration for bringing this camp to the Greater Phoenix area. Riding a bike is a rite of passage for every child. Nicolas spent many years waiting for a way to learn to ride a bike just like all the other kids in his neighborhood. At our first camp in the Greater Phoenix area in 2010 Nicolas successfully rode a bike for the first time. Now he enjoys riding with his family and friends and wants others with disabilities to have the same opportunity.




Dec. 31, 2012 – Jan. 4, 2013
South Valley Junior High
2034 South Lindsey Rd., Gilbert, AZ 85295
Cost: $100 per participant
  • Session 1:   8:30 – 9:45
  • Session 2:   10:05 – 11:20
  • Session 3:   11:40 – 12:55
  • Session 4:   2:00 – 3:15
  • Session 5:   3:35 – 4:50


The mission of Lose The Training Wheels™ is to teach people with disabilities to ride a conventional two wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders. This achievement, in turn, creates a gateway of opportunity, helping them gain assurance and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives.

How does it work?

Lose The Training Wheels (LTTW) uses a fleet of adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to teach individuals with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bike.  Participants attend one 75-minute session each day for five consecutive days where they learn to ride while accompanied and encouraged by a volunteer.  Gradually the riders discover the skill and joy of riding a bike. 

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How to participate:  

Requirements for participation:

    • Must be at least 9 years of age
    • Must have a disability
    • Must be able to walk without an assistive device such as a walker or cane
    • Must have adequate leg strength and control to side step quickly to both sides
    • Must be able and willing to wear a properly fitted bike helmet at all times when on a bicycle.
    • Must have a minimum inseam measurement with shoes on of 20” when measured from the floor, not the pant leg.
    • Must weigh 220 lbs. or less

Cost is $100 for each participant

Parents/Participants: Please understand that you will ONLY be receiving a confirmation that we received your application when we receive it, but that does NOT mean your child has been accepted into our program. There are many things we take into consideration when accepting individuals into our camp. We will let you know if your child has been accepted as SOON as we humanly can. Be patient. ALSO, we do not slate our participants for their time slot until the first or second week of December because there are MANY things to consider when placing participants in a session. THANKS in advance for your cooperation and patience. Please feel free to email Laura if you have any questions about the process. LTTWAZ@q.com

Step 1: Download and read the program description

Step 2: Download and fill out the participant application

If you can not download or print the application, email LTTWAZregistration@cox.net to request an application be mailed to you.

Step 3: Email completed application to LTTWAZregistration@cox.net, or mail to:

Beth Eggers-Sedlet
4329 E Melinda Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Parent & Volunteer Orientation:

December 30, 2012
Location: South Valley Junior High


How you can help?


  • Volunteers are needed to work directly with the riders as a “spotter”.  Spotters should be physically fit and able to run alongside the rider as well as support them should they begin to fall.
  • Step 1: Read this description of a volunteers role
  • Step 2: Download volunteer registration form
    • If you can not download or print the application, email LTTWAZ.Volunteers@q.com to request a registration form be mailed to you.
  • Step 3: Email completed registration form to LTTWAZ.Volunteers@q.com or Mail to: Attn:
  • Attn: Cyndi Connelly
    12118 E. Arabian Park Dr.
    Scottsdale AZ 85259
  • If you have any questions please contact Cyndi Connelly at 480-661-0808 or Camp Director Laura Holgate at 602-738-5457

Parent & Volunteer Orientation:

December 30, 2012
Location: South Valley Junior High


Donate or Fundraise
    • Donate at www.active.com/donate/LTTWAZ and designate LTTW-AZ in the notes
    • Become a corporate sponsor and get recognized for bringing this special event to the Scottsdale community.
    • Contact Laura Holgate at LTTWAZ@q.com regarding Corporate Donations